Saturday, November 1, 2008

OKOK,Keep the legal team muzzled,I have a story here somewhere.Let's go back to SSWC08 for just a moment.A fat tire tribal moment.I missed most of the "activites"and I still had a blast.If this is the kinda thing you like,you 've seen the pictures already.There are thousands of pics on flickr& elswhere.Sadly,I haven't aone to post here.Our Director Sportificator shot afew,perhaps one of those team style photos could be spliced in here.That might give the viewer a feel for the atmosphere.Anyway,it was a long-n-hard,hot-n-dusty event with costumes and other absurdity like you never see at"normal"races.(Mr. Dekker won in a Borat suit)!There were many details,race moments that were out of the ordinary,trailside prizes and spectators(Referees!)that made this one for the ages.Plus,1st race on my Soulcraft Holy Roller to 29th place.Count Me in for Durango! After that,there's sort of a blank space,till September's DFL CX.I only made one,but that one was fun.Camron &Kathleen were crowned king& queen of the 14th annual DFLCX.The Lion of Fairfax CX was next.This one was good because I rode there&back from home and took 1st Master.Good day!

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