Monday, May 12, 2008

The Soulcraft Family

Part of the vibe we like to foster here at Soulcraft is one of "Family". Not necessarily the type of family that I want asking us to bail them out of jail, more like the type we like to party and ride with. This is Jason Elliott's kid and he is wearing a custom "onesey" that Matt Nyiri had made some years back. Matt sent one to another friend named Mike Gerlach in Michigan. As Mike's kid outgrew it he asked if anyone else could use it and I told him to send it to Jason in Portland and he did. Here's the story:

"Recently an envelope showed up at my office, the address on that package informed it came from Gerlach Companies Hartland, Wisconsin. I receive multiple packages each week from random commercial auctioneers liquidating businesses so I assumed...
I read the letter prior to looking in the envelope. The first sentence dropped a little Doobie Brothers on me "you don't know me but we are brothers" needless to say I was a bit concerned until I read on. Mike went on to tell me the history of the onesie and its travels through his family... for him to pass it my way was extremely cool. It certainly put the "soul" in the Soulcraft for me. Anyway...thanks for the infant sportswear hook up. I will certainly "pay it forward" when it is no longer of use around the Elliott home."

So the onesey in the photo is actually a "hand-me-down" that was passed from one Soulcraft customer to another. This wasn't something we planned on when we started Soulcraft but we can honestly say that this may well be the pinnacle of the whole "family" thing we envisioned. Big thanks to Mike and Jason for helping foster that vibe.

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