Monday, June 18, 2012

Ponca Ride V8

This was the eigth annual running of the Ponca Ride. Lincoln to Ponca on gravel roads. About 155 miles. We have a tradition of planning the year's calendar pretty early in the year. Some dates work out great, some others don't. You know how it goes. Shit gets busy. This year the ride was scheduled for the weekend of the local mtb race series event at Ponca State Park, so we knew there would be plenty of quality homies up there. Well the sketchy weather and the racing drew away a few other quality homies so the attendance at this years ride was low...2 (corey and i). Ok, 3 at the start (jeff) , but only 2 to make the 155 up to Ponca. Constant headwinds, an hour of rain, an exploding pedal, awesome diner breakfast, drying roads, a kickass bike, puffy clouds, nice cowboys and a campground full of friends made for a great weekend. I stole some pics from Cornbread.

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