Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's been a spell since I've lazed through these parts and that is just plain wrong. I will tell you a short spell about a thing which happens to be a brilliant counterpart to another thing, both of which are very Soulcraft related. If you have spent any amount of time lurking on this here blurg you have no doubt heard my occasional praise of my Dirtbomb. The sad thing was however, that after Ritchey Logic stopped making their 42 Crossmax, I was stuck either cutting Panaracers to fit, or settling for 38s. That was until Captain Extremeo Fartypants dropped by my abode with a set of Papa Bruce's new Rock 'n Road all terrain bikecycle tire. My plaything has found a new mate, and in the outings we've had together, I am mightily impressed in how the new skins handle.
There's some technical mumbo jumbo that was conveyed to me about an updated compound, or lighter weight to its predecessor, but most everything goes in one ear and out the other. If you are one who doesn't mind mixing you're pave with your dirt with your gravel with your dirt, give Bruce a call. Just don't ask him any questions.

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