Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suck it, suckas.

As anyone with a computer knows, this weekend is The Exhibition For The Society Of Mutual Admiration where frame builders young and old, big and small, and known as well as unknown will be converging on California's capital Los Angeles... I mean Sacramento, and Sean Walling and his Soulcraft bicycles imprint will be there front and center.
Come one, come all, and bear witness to throngs of goombahs drool and paw all over bits and pieces, while douchebag bloggers trip over their boners in order to get 'the scoop' on whoever's new widget.
Personally I'd rather be riding my bike, but Captain Sportypants has enlisted me to help, which will probably just mean I'll teach some other little kid how to build a wizard staff and pass out in public somewhere before 7:00.
Whatever. Sean gets the kind of help that Sean pays for.

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