Sunday, September 18, 2011

I think I was in Las Vegas.

It sure seems so, though from what I can remember of it, those may have been mental images from last year.
Or the year before.

As usual, we here in the Soulcraft camp came through with handsome colors.

Have you seen us? We all are incredibly good looking.

The new Soulcraft stems were causing quite a buzz, as was the fact that we even had an official presence at the show for the first time in over a decade.

Of course thanks go to the Interbike organizers for putting us in the one corner of the 900,000,000 square foot exhibition hall with no lights, but that's pretty much just par for the course.

Happy twelfth birthday to us, and there's no need to say it.. We're well aware we don't look a day over ten.

I'm sure Captain Sport Pants will come in here and actually make a post that is a bit more official, and also probably make mention of the fact that I keep referring to 'we', when in fact I don't do jackshit for the betterment of the company. I just like to feel as though I belong.

In closing, I might like to offer a shot of Lanolin from Ritte Racing and Captain Sporty at our annual 'Bike Industry Bottom Dweller Extravaganza'®. We showed Las Vegas just what we were capable of and emerged with a few dollars less in our pockets and not a whole lot smarter.

What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas, our self respect included.

But 'we're' Soulcraft.

You wouldn't expect anything less.

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