Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Same sentiment, different words.

As a 'sponsored rider' for Soulcraft cycles, some of my duties include making an occasional appearance here on the web log, while others involve feeding the boss his daily potassium;

Photo by Mitzi Inglis

-as well as convincing him he should do something even though his better judgement tells him he probably should not. This past Saturday we went down that very road as we engaged in the Bike Monkey Magazine Save-Annadel-State-Park-Race while simultaneously celebrating the first ever Wizard Staffs Around The World Celebration.

Racing your bike, or even cautiously riding it over the rock strewn trails of this expansive Northern California park is a tricky thing on a good day, let alone one where your secondary goal is to drink as much beer as you can.

It certainly is not something we would encourage an amateur to attempt. With this task before us we set out and gently peeled the skin from our day's grape, knocking back can after can and mile after mile;

Finally just before crossing the line we pulled over to wait for our teammate Big Steve P, and to finish our stash;

Though we might not have achieved victory in the traditional sense, we achieved it in every other, and that is just fine by us.

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