Sunday, February 13, 2011

Race Report: CCCX #1

Me and my secret weapon (pre-race PB&J) rolled up to CCCX #1 at Fort Ord today, anticipating the usual fun that Keith D. and th' boys put together. This time, I remembered to bring my warp drive, a new pair of MTB shoes, and my quick-release-mounted spikes to try my luck in the 35-44 Cat. 1/Exp./whatever division. Weather was extra-spectacular, and not a lot of cold wind that Fort Ord has this time of year. After a hot lap and a half, I decided the new shoes would have to wait for some more adjustment, and I threw on the old retreads. After chatting/meeting up with some riders/buds just emerging from their caves, Rod The Startman and MC put us 3rd wave, and with a drop of the hanky, we took off for the 1/4 mile asphalt drag-race to the first turn and start of the dirt. The following are transcripts from the little voice in my head. "1st lap: super mellow. 2nd - 3rd: mellow. 4th lap: mellow still, but let's go a little faster, try to close on the leader a little, and pass a lot of flotsam from the waves that started before us. 5th and final lap: test the mettle a bit, glad this is just the first race, too much road-riding-read sore butt, and they made the course a bit more fun to help us lazies feel confident that we can still ride, am looking forward to 2011." This course is fast and in places very slick, but no hassles, not even a close call-damn I'm smooth. There was a guy right behind me during the middle of the race that pulled a complete vanishing act: one second he was there, the next, the ground sucked him right up. I'm pretty sure I heard a "Whoa, hey Moe" back there. If not for a family function I had to hurry up and git to, I would of stood on the box. Next time, we're racin' for pinks. Thanks Keith and the CCCX gang for your brand of family fun.

Editor's note:

Supposedly, there was some video generated from the races-will post as req. so you can view my exemplary trail etiquette ("oh, but no, you first"), textbook bike-handling skills, and clean, close shave.

P.S. Sean, love the bike-building movie. When do we get the director's cut?

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