Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You all should move here

Friday night the Mrs. and I met Mitch Kline and his Mrs. in The City for dinner at Una Pizza Napolitana.  In case you are not aware, Mitch is the guy responsible for the Soulcraft website.  He lives in Denver.  Booo.  The guy working the pizza oven is Anthony Mangieri, owner of said pizzeria and kind of a big deal in the pizza world.  He recently shut down his place in Brooklyn and moved west.  After a months long battle with The City zoning and permits people, he's finally open.  I can't say what an inspiration it was to be at his place and watch him work.  Totally stripped down with a complete focus on the art of making pizza.  Not at all what most of us grew up eating on Friday nights with the family.  Totally blew my wig back.

Anthony owns 3 Soulcrafts, and recently had his old Plowboy shipped out.  I spied it on my way to the bathroom.

Anthony telling Mitch he needs to move here.

Great sticker collection.

On Saturday morning before Biketoberfest started we managed a ride at Tamarancho with Paul and Renee from Paul Components and Mike Varley from Black Mountain Cycles.  We got in trouble for riding the fire road.  "Bikes are supposed to stay on the singletrack!"  Yes ma'am!

Biketoberfest has turned into a nice gathering of local frame builders.  We've all been seeing a lot of each other lately, which is nice.

We were next to Curtis Inglis.  If you want to know what colors will be hot this season, just look at his shoes. 

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