Friday, August 13, 2010

Good to meet you Tony Leal!

And at a yoga studio of all places. Ha.

It went a little something like this....walking out after work, and much to my surprise, looked up to a dude in a Soulcraft kit complete with the Soulcraft bike. Comments that follow always seem to be, "Nice Bike". This is the second Soulcraft dude I have come into contact with at the studio. Haven perhaps? Law of Attraction?

Of course there was some jive talking amongst ourselves, back and forth about Soulcraft, and then finally to the connection of the yoga studio. One of the owners is INTO cycling and a friend of Leal's, and naturally Tony rolled up to check the place out.

Awesome. Hit me up if you ever wanna go for a spin Tony! It was great to finally meet another teammate in the South Bay.

Now, onto the sunny afternoon ride for hours and then to top of the evening, a little live George Clinton tonight at the SJ Jazz Fest! I will leave you with this...


mw said...

tears of joy flow from my eyes in the presence of that god like man george cliinton. seen him twice.

Jennifer said...

yea, he was awesome. i must say the parliament rocked my socks though! whew. they can play some mean guitar jams. wow.

AGL said...

Hey Jennifer - I knew there was another loser in the South Bay. Good to meet you. Karen has started yoga there and is enjoying. Might even progress to the wheel of death class. Ride sounds good-look me up when you're free.