Sunday, September 27, 2009

A grand ol time in Durango

SSWC 09 was really a freakin good time. So good, in fact, that I only managed a few choice photos:Those are Souly shorts peeking out from under Santa's miniskirt
And this is the crowd at the Ska Brewing basketball game, complete with Jacquie Phelan's dreadlock necklace/beard

The race itself went surprisingly well, considering I woke up feeling less-than-stellar from the Derailleur Saloon the night before. There was climbing, there was hiking, there was chatting it up with my fellow riders while standing in a thousand-person line, there was sweet gnarly ridgetop descending, there was more climbing, there were naked people, there was a bacon-and-whiskey feed zone, and there was the finish line party with icy beer.
Does a ride get much better than that? I think I wound up something like lucky 13th, but who knows.

I seem to remember team pictures? Does our esteemed Director Sporty guy have them?

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