Monday, August 4, 2008

SSWC Pre-Race festivities

On Saturday I met Curtis and crew for a little re-con at Skyline before the SSWC. I've ridden and raced up there before but I guess my memory ain't so good because the ride was a bit of an eye-opener. Hot, dusty, steep, lotsa rocks, but really fun. Just like a mountain bike race should be.

Ever the gracious host, Jeff Hantman provided us with some sort of Chinese pastry/cake deal that conveniently did not have a nutrition label attached. All we know is one of the ingredients was "green".

Speaking of being good hosts, the locals (not us or Curtis or anyone you know) out here want the out-of-towners to have a good time in the days leading up to the race so here's the itinerary:
Of course this all might be a bit much for those of you who will be in the "resting" phase of their training. Better that you people stay away from this stuff.

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