Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm on a stunt bike!

Our local superdad, Scott Bowen, organized a mountain bike clinic for kids this past week up at Howarth Park. He wrangled a bunch of us local riders and racers to be "instructors", which all of us were more than happy to do. Monday was basic training with various obstacle courses they had to navigate. You could see the fear in some of their eyes as they approached the "super-see-saw" but they all did it. One of the girls in my group of 5-7 year olds, Madison, said it was, "Scary and Fun!". That's always a great combo. Wednesday was graduation day with a 2 mile trail ride and a race. For half the trail ride all I heard was, "Let's go faster!". I tried to teach the kids to pace themselves and the reply I got from Sam was, "I can't pace myself, I'm on a stunt bike!" Fair enough. After the trail ride they all received "diplomas". I was not allowed to give a commencement speech. These kids are way more skilled than I was at their age. They are going to rule when they get older, assuming they stick with riding. The way things are going, by the time they turn 16 bikes might be their only choice. There will be another class on July 7 and 9th (see earlier post for details). For more pics go here.

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