Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stumptown Bike Show

So we've just returned from the North American Hand Made Bike Show in Portland OR last weekend and I have to say, that place puts Nor Cal to shame when it comes to bike culture. The fact that it rains 350 days a year up there doesn't seem to deter anyone from riding. To work, for fun, to a bike show, it doesn't matter. They're out there. That craziness for bikes is in no small way a big factor behind (read: responsible for) the stunning turnout for the bike show. Something like 7000 people showed up and on Saturday some had to be held at the door by the fire marshal until people exited to make room for them. In 20 years of attending all manner of bike shows, I've never seen anything like it. People from all over the world who were genuinely stoked on bikes and more importantly, riding bikes. That's what stood out the most. There wasn't as much "tech-talk" as there was interest in bikes and parts that might make their riding more enjoyable in some way.
We had some minor celebs some through the booth. Some guy named Lance, and a hairy man named Robin. I was most stoked to see a couple of my old heroes, Joe Murray and a Paul Thomasberg. These guys were true hardmen of the early mtb racing scene and I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts they could still put a hurtin' on many a modern day racer.
We traveled up with famous builder Bruce Gordon who took home awards for best road bike and best lugs. Check out his website for pics of the lugged Ti bike. Curtis Inglis took home "Best Track Bike" with a curvy tubed beauty. I think I saw some purists puking in the aisles. We didn't win anything.

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